Customer Password Reset


As part of ConnectBooster's continued efforts to uphold the latest in cybersecurity standards, all users will be prompted to update their password.


These required changes coincide with an architectural update to ConnectBooster. This update paves the way for exciting changes, such as a more convenient method of logging into the portal.

Next Steps

Below you will find the steps needed for anyone to reset their password:

  1. Browse to the ConnectBooster portal via the existing wed address
    • Please note the portal URL will not change
  2. On the login page, select the 'Reset Login or Password' button
  3. Follow the password reset process
    1. Select the 'Password' tab (selected by default)
    2. Enter the email address of the account
    3. Respond to the reCAPTCHA
    4. Select the 'Reset Password' button
      • The user will recieve a password reset email detailing how to complete the process
      • ConnectBooster has implemented enhanced password standards for new passwords (See image below):
  4. The user can now login using their new password