ConnectBooster UI Update 2021

Welcome to the new ConnectBooster UI experience!

We know change can sometimes be difficult, so one of the major goals of this release is to be minimally jarring and as seamless as possible.

Your portal data has NOT changed.

  • This includes any settings, customizations, AutoPay's, customer access, etc.

While the updated interface should be a minor change to your internal team, (and your customers), it is also an indicator of many good things to come!

Why the effort?

Customers have requested many Quality-of-Life type improvements to the system over the years. Unfortunately, our previous Front-End architecture was lacking in some key areas that was preventing us from effectively taking on certain new features, and functionality.

To do this right, we needed an overhaul. Under the covers, this new architecture is leaner, meaner, better, faster, stronger..... and just simply much more flexible to work with.

We are excited that this is only the beginning, as we aim on making continuous improvements in 2022!

So....what else is new TODAY?

Some of the most notable enhancements included with this update, that your business may want to take advantage of are:

Reporting issues & Concerns

The new ConnectBooster front-end is a continuously evolving project. If you find any bugs, or rough-edges, please be sure to let us know!

We would also love to hear your honest feedback on what is good, or what still needs improvement!

Please send inquiries to:

Any feedback will be appropriately tagged, and passed to the Product Management team.