Improved Email Delivery Options – Custom FROM Address

September 24, 2018

Custom FROM Address

In this exciting ConnectBooster update, your ConnectBooster portal now has the ability to easily set a custom “FROM” email address for all client communications!

Previously, it was much more laborious process requiring deep technical knowledge and clunky SMTP credentials.

What this means:

  • Utilize our high volume email server
    • better for bulk type notifications, such as Past Due notices and Account Summaries
  • Minimize risk of critical emails not being sent
  • Improved recognition for clients
  • Minimal setup effort
  • Integrated, simple Email Tracking

What it looks like:

To set your own custom address, go to Settings + Configurations + Customer Emails



Extra Release note:

Although this feature won’t be used by a large subset of our customers, by request the portal does now have the ability to selectively hide certain invoices!

This is done by assigning them a chosen billing term. This is useful if you have certain types invoices you prefer not to display to your customers.

If this sounds like something you may need, it is found under Settings + Configurations + Billing.


To learn more:

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