Improved Search Functionality & New Notification Settings

November 22nd, 2017

Our newest features include the following:

  1. Improved Search Functionality – We have shaken up the company search bar that you have, no doubt, come to use often. This new and improved search bar simultaneously searches across all of your companies, contacts, invoices, and transactions in real time.
  2. Improved Notification Settings – By adding new notification settings and adjusting some previous settings, you can have more control over how you communicate with your customers.
  • Invoice Notifications – We added a supplemental notification that can trigger alongside your Account Summary email. This new notification can be sent on demand from any invoice, and it can be sent when the invoice is synced into ConnectBooster.
  • Upcoming Payment Summary – Your customers can be notified by ConnectBooster before an automatic or scheduled payment is run. This notification is fully customizable, and we added a way to exclude customers from this email depending on your company’s current needs.
  • Improved Past Due Notices – Before today, past due notices could only be sent using a rigid schedule. Now, you can create custom notice lengths to help communicate on your own schedule.

Together we hope these features help streamline your financial workflow, and give more control and insight into ConnectBooster!