Mass Client Adoption

May 23rd, 2018

Welcome Email

With this latest ConnectBooster feature release, you can now invite customers to the portal in bulk with the new “Mass Welcome email” in a few simple steps!

Default Template

What this means:

  • Faster client roll-out
  • Better client adoption rate
  • No 3rd party tool needed to send the communication


This feature makes for easier sales to new customers, help remove concerns about “How am I going to roll this out to my clients” and saves tons of time vs. sending to hundreds of clients one-by-one.

Part: 1 (preparatory step)

You can now update dozens, hundreds or thousands of contacts, with three clicks, instead of doing it one at a time!!

Mass Update the “Default Contacts” from all of your customers, (those who are already identified as being the primary contact(s) handling a given client’s billing).

Ex. the “Bill To” client on the ConnectWise company finance screen.  Pick a security profile which will determine what functions of the portal will be available when the client logs in.

Part: 2

Send the contacts with an assigned security profile the “Welcome Email” en-masse!

Extra release note:

Context based help links

Throughout the portal, we added addition links to support documentation to clarify features & functions.



To learn more:

Email Delivery Options: Supporting article