Internal User Profiles & Subscriptions

January 18th, 2018

The Subscriptions Section will display your current and canceled ConnectBooster subscriptions. The Products Section will list additional features you can add to your ConnectBooster subscription.

Products with an Add button can be self-service while other products can be added by reaching out to ConnectBooster directly. Adding or removing a product will adjust your monthly subscription amount.

In addition to the newest Subscription options, you can now segment users with different access permissions.

You can restrict access to the subscription and products sections by customizing the users’ internal profile under Settings>Configuration>Internal Settings.

These changes will allow for better control over your ConnectBooster subscriptions and allow you to restrict access to different users in your business.

Among others, you can now create a role for members of your team who need to work with customers to take payments on their behalf or adjust their autopay, but who do not need access to Reports, Subscriptions, or Settings.

In practice, you would call these permissions”Clients Only” access then only check the “Customers” option and nothing else, before saving and assigning this new role to your team members.