QuickBooks Online and Xero Invoice Images

June 20th, 2018

Invoice Image Data:

With this ConnectBooster update, if you are utilizing the integration with QuickBooks Online or Xero accounting packages, your clients can now to see the exact PDF version of their invoice!

To configure which copy of the invoice clients can view in detail/print, navigate to Settings + Configurations + Billing.

Reorder your preferences, and be sure to save your changes.

NOTE: If the preferred invoice version (option on top) does not exist when the client clicks “VIEW”, the system will revert to the secondary option as a backup (if selected).

This version can also be setup to be included as an “attachment” directly on individual invoice email notifications!

This includes any invoice delivery, or Past Due reminder emails.


What this means:

  • The client doesn’t need to login in order to view/print the invoice in detail.
  • More billing transparency

Extra Release note:

On transaction email templates, you can now insert the Invoice Number “token”.

  • Transaction_Invoiceids