Email Tracking

October 2nd, 2018

Click Level Email Tracking

With this ConnectBooster update, you can now seamlessly find out if customers are opening their email notifications!

This can be added to your monthly subscription to tell when specific events happen on a system email (see if a customer actually opened a Past Due invoice notification!!).

What it looks like:

What exactly does it show me?

Important click or non-delivered events such as:

  • Email is Delivered
  • Email is Opened
  • Link is Clicked
  • Email is Bounced
  • Email is Marked as Spam

How do I set this up?!

Email tracking takes minimal additional configuration when taking advantage of our high performance email server.

Note: if you are still using your own server via SMTP (or are not exactly sure), we recommend looking at our new email delivery options to make this process easier.

Simply add Email Tracking via the “Subscriptions” tab on the 3-bar  menu:

Once enabled, the click logging can be viewed via the “Email History”button, on the Customer Details section.

To learn more about this update:

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Supporting article:

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