Resend Client Emails

April 19th, 2018

Your ConnectBooster portal now has the ability to easily “RESEND” a copy of previously sent system emails!

This feature is great if a client needs another copy, or doesn’t recall seeing the delivery on the 1st time around!

This is done under the Customer Details -> Email History option.

Note: Clicking “Resend” on an invoice delivery email does NOT include the attachment/PDF copy of the invoice. To resend an Invoice Delivery email with the attachment, you will need to go directly to the invoice, and click "EMAIL INVOICE".

Extra Release note:

Old/in-active/expired agreements are now removed from the customer’s view point!

  • If a contract only recently expired or went inactive it will now only show for 30 days from the expiration date.


Want to know if clients are actually opening those emails??