User Interface Enhancements

January 3, 2023

Starting in January 2023 ConnectBooster will be updating the User Interface in ConnectBooster to better align with other Kaseya IT Complete modules. This is being done to streamline the expected user experience across IT Complete as well as provide an improved navigation experience in ConnectBooster.


  • Why did you change the menu design?
    • We changed the menu design to streamline the user experience and take advantage of a single "common look and feel" with other Kaseya IT Complete modules.
  • Did you remove any core functionality with this User Interface change?
    • No, we did not remove any core functionality. We attempted to streamline the user experience by making more information available on the sidebar menu and decluttered the header menu by changing some icons to text to more clearly designate their functionality and moved them under a single "help" menu.
  • Did you remove the search field?
    • No, the search field is now collapsed under the magnifying glass icon.
  • When will we get this new functionality?
    • We will begin releasing these user interface improvements in a staged release beginning on January 4th, 2023.
  • Can I stick with the old user interface?
    • As these user interface changes are being done to better align ConnectBooster with other Kaseya products, everyone will be transitioned to the new user interface and the old interface will be deprecated.
  • This doesn't work well for my team. How can I suggest changes to this new user interface?
    • We love getting suggestions from our valued ConnectBooster Partners. Please reach out to your Account Manager or ConnectBooster Support with suggestions. Our Product Team regularly reviews feature requests and these help us improve ConnectBooster for everyone.


In the legacy menu many options were second level menu items underneath a fly-out sidebar menu on the left-hand side of the page accessed via the three bar "hamburger menu".

This has now been replaced with a new left-hand fly-out sidebar menu that incorporates "arrow down" to display second order menu options. This promotes quicker menu navigation as it will no longer be necessary to wait for the page to load or make multiple clicks to access settings in ConnectBooster.

The sidebar menu can be closed by clicking the arrow button towards the top of the menu.

The header menu has also been updated and streamlined. The search bar has now been collapsed under the magnifying glass icon.

The help menu incorporates a new dropdown menu where the ConnectBooster Academy and Knowledge Base links have been moved. Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy are now also present in this help menu.

The user menu has also been changed to display the user's email address (redacted in this screenshot) as well as the change password and Log Out menu items.