API Security Key for Payments from other integrations

Part 1: Creating A New BNG Gateway User

Navigate to Options --> Settings

General Options --> User Accounts

Click Link to Add A New User

Complete Required User Profile Fields

Set User Permissions as Shown

*Optional: If you would like to have a copy of transaction receipts sent, to the email in the user profile, whenever a payment is made through the software integration, check the notification preference as shown.

Click "Create User" to finalize user setup.

Part 2:  API Security Key Creation

Navigate to Options --> Settings

Security Options section --> Security Keys

1. Enter a description for the new key

2. Assign the User you created in Part 1 above

3. Enable the Key for use with the gateway API

4. Complete the Key creation using the button

Copy the newly created API Key and paste it to the software you are integrating, or into a system for documentation and later retrieval.