Invoice Image Data

Select Default Invoice PDF

This section allows you to set which identical invoice copy you prefer clients can view & print out in detail. Options available and results depend on your connected accounting package.

  • *Regardless of the setting, the invoice and payment data in the portal is still coming from the connected accounting software.*
  • The first option is highest priority, and if that PDF version is not found, the system will fallback to the second selected option (if one exists).

In the example below, the first position #1 is Autotask. When you or a client tries to view the invoice on the portal, this is the version of the invoice we will attempt to display.

If it does not exist the system will show the fallback, in this case #2 (the version from QuickBooks Online).

QuickBooks on premise (desktop) versions do not have the ability for us to pull the identical invoice copy. We will do a best attempt to render the invoice based on our interpretation of the data.

Additional Options

Show memo description notes:

Only applicable to QuickBooks Desktop users. When enabled, we will display the memo field on the rendered version of the QuickBooks invoice. This may not display if another integration's invoice image preference supersedes QuickBooks.

Add as attachment to emails:

This setting includes the PDF copy (based on the above preference) on certain client facing emails, if they are enabled. The emails that can include the invoice attachment are:

Past Due Notices

New Invoice Delivery Notifications