Ad Cards

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This section is used to create dynamic scrolling content for organizations. 

You may use this however you like, but we find it most effective as a way to offer support to organizations as well as highlight some services that your company offers that might be underutilized. Each slide will be shown in order for 6 seconds, then repeat. In order to help you organize your ad cards we allow you to drag and drop to reorder how they appear to organizations. 

Along with this, we place the Ad Title, or subtitle, as a title on the admin side setting. If there is no Ad Title or Ad Subtitle property, no content will be displayed. Ensure that after making changes you save. 


  1. Ad Title
    • This is a large title that is placed on your ad card. This is also the primary title for the card that you can see in the title bar on top.
  2. Ad Subtitle
    • This is a smaller title that is placed on your ad card. If there is no Ad Title, this is used as a title for card that you can see in the title bar on top.
  3. Ad Link
    • This is where organizations will go when they click on the ad card in their side of your portal.
  4. Use Tenant Primary Color
    • This will automatically set the primary color to your primary branding color chosen in the Branding section.
  5. Background Color
    • This sets the background color behind any image you choose.
  6. Text Color
    • This is the color your titles will appear on your ad card.
  7. Text Alignment
    • This is how your titles will be aligned in relation to the ad card.
  8. Background Image URL
    • You can enter the URL link for your own hosted background image.
  9. Remove Image
    • This removes any links to a background image for this ad card.
  10. Upload Image
    • You can upload a background image. We will host the image for the Ad Card.