Customer Profile Overview

This is where you manage the selected customer as a whole, or view the client facing version of the portal.

  1. "Back to Customers" will take you back to your full customer list
  2. "Customer Portal" will take you to the view your client's will see when accessing their Customer Portal
  3. Selecting the arrow next to Customer Details will take you to the full list of contacts for that Company. To learn more about this section, take a look at our Assign Profile and Send Welcome Email article.
  4. Send Account Summary - This will send the Account Summary to ALL default contacts listed for that company.
  5. View Email History - This will show you the FULL email history for all email communications sent to all users of that company.
  6. Default Notification Emails - These emails will pull from different places dependent on your integrations. Any automated customer emails sent from the portal will be sent to any email(s) listed here. Take a look at our Client Emails article to learn more about these various email types.
  7. Customer Notes - Add any internal notes you would like to share with other internal users of the portal (i.e., Only send account summary to [email protected]).
  8. The three "chips" denote that this customer has been properly linked to each respective entity. 

    Meaning, for this company we have a ConnectWise company profile, QuickBooks customer, and payment information from the BNG Gateway all related.

    • If any of these "chips" are missing (regardless of your specific CRM/Accounting package configuration), open invoices or contacts may not display.
      • In such a case where some of your integration chips are missing, you may need to visit the Entities page.