Client Profiles

Client Profiles

Navigate to Configurations + Client Users + Client Profiles 

This section allows you to control and manage the various security "Profile" levels for clients. This turns on or off various features for the end client.

  • You can customize the security permissions for each profile uniquely. Doing so can lock down certain clients from doing specific functions within the portal.
  • I.e., you want a "Billing Admin", to make payments online, but you don't want a regular "User" to do the same.

If a profile does not already exist, you may click "New Profile".

  • You may see a few pre-generated ones depending on your particular CRM integration.
    • Changing these permissions will NOT impact your integration directly (ie. updating the ConnectWise setup tables).

Expanding the profile name yields all of the various options you can toggle on or off.


 Can View Credits and Can View Unapplied Payments

  • The viewing of Credit Memos and Unapplied Payments
    • Will not show "overage" payments

Service Enabled

  • Master setting to turn off ALL ticketing and service type functions (regardless what the sub options are)

Can View Quotes

  • Commonly referred to as "Opportunities"

Can View Contracts

  • The agreement/contract names

After making changes, select save and the Profile updates will take effect immediately (and retro actively update any previously setup clients).

Mass Update Default Contacts:

This section is designed to allow new ConnectBooster users to grant "Bulk Access" to their entire customer base. It's helpful to first hide any unwanted types/statuses first!

  1. Pick the security level you would like to assign.
  2. Decide if you only want to assign those that don't already have a profile, or blanket update ALL contacts. This would overwrite any existing profiles that may have been set by your CRM (don't worry, we don't actually change the security level IN your CRM!).
This setting ONLY affects the "Default Contacts". Ex. the Bill To email address in ConnectWise Manage "Company Finance Screen".

Using the Mass Update in-conjunction with the "Mass Welcome Email" function allows you to roll the portal out to all your active clients fast and easy!