Single Sign-On - ConnectWise

Single Sign-On

Follow the steps below to leverage ConnectBooster client functionality directly inside of the Manage Customer Portal. This allows for seamless service and billing functions for your customers as a one-stop-shop approach!

Within your ConnectBooster Portal, navigate to Settings --> Configurations --> Client Users. 


In the Single Sign-On section: tick the enable box, select "ConnectWise Portal" and save.

On the Manage Customer Portal Administration side, select the payments icon and the "Link your ConnectBooster account" option.

The ConnectWise University document on how to deploy that Customer Portal can be found HERE.

Enter and save your full ConnectBooster portal URL:

NOTE: Please ensure to not include a "/" at the end of the URL.

Lastly, ensure permissions for appropriate customers are set to "Billing Admin". 


That's it!


A contact MUST exist in Manage (and to have sync'd with your ConnectBooster portal) in order for SSO to function. 

If a client reports they are only seeing a login screen and not invoices, double-check that the contact record exists inside of ConnectBooster. This should NOT be set at the default "Revoke Access" level. 

If it is, you may need to bulk update your contacts or manually adjust for SSO functionality.