HTML iframe

Definition and Usage:

The <iframe> tag specifies an inline frame.

An inline frame is used to embed another document within the current HTML document. This is useful for embedding the ConnectBooster portal within an existing website, or application.


<iframe src=””>

URL Parameters:

In addition to the standard iframe, there are optional  variables that can be passed in.



if true, we remove the side-drawer and top bar with logo from the application – with the assumption your application is handling the branding


if service=false, we will remove the service drop-down from the header. This area includes sections for tickets, contracts/agreements, projects, and quotes.


A hex color code like “4CAF50” to override their primaryColor from your portal branding.


A hex color code like “FF5722” to override their secondaryColor from your portal branding.

Note: the hex code in the general settings area will NOT get updated, but the specified colors WILL override them in the current browser session



A onetime use token that we’ll post back to your server to validate the token.

This would be in used in conjunction with the Custom Integration “LoginWithToken” command. This method builds an HTTP request to send the authToken to your servers. You can then  respond with a JSON Response string containing either the ContactId (from ConnectWise) or the ContactEmail and that user will be automatically logged in.