Email Tracking

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Email tracking can be added to your subscription so that you can tell when specific events occur. There are seven possible email statuses:

  • CB CreatedThe status “CB Created” means that ConnectBooster has created a record and has passed the record to the email engine for processing.
  • Processed: The status “Processing” means that the email engine has received an individual message and is preparing it to be delivered.
  • Delivered: The status “Delivered” means that the receiving server has accepted the message. It does not mean that the receiving server delivered the message to the appropriate mailbox.
  • Dropped: The status “Dropped” means that the email message has determined that this message will not be sent. Possible reasons for a “Dropped” status include identification of spam, or if the intended recipient has unsubscribed from further email messages.
  • DeferredThe status “Deferred” means that the email cannot be delivered immediately, however it has not been rejected. The email engine will continue to try to send the email for up to 72 hours after which time the “Deferred” status will become a “Bounce”.
  • Open: The status “Open” means that the email has been viewed with images enabled. If images are not enabled there is no way to determine if an email has in fact been opened after it arrives as the recipient server.
  • Click: The status “Click” means that a link within the email has been clicked on. 

How to Setup Email Tracking with ConnectBooster Domain

  • Email tracking takes no additional configuration if you are not using a custom email domain. If you would like to have this feature enabled, simply Contact Support to request it be added to your account.

Note: This function is not compatible with the use of custom SMTP based mail delivery.