I can't login! Help!

The first thing to identify is who is the individual encountering this trouble? Is it an internal team member, or end client? 

Steps for Internal Employee resolution:

  • Have an administrator go to Settings + Configurations + Internal Settings section


Expand the contact, click "Email", and "Send Password Reset".

  • Ensure that their "Profile" is not defaulted to "Revoke Access"

  • Direct the user to follow the link in their inbox, and set a new password.
    • General troubleshooting may include trying a different web browser (ex. Chrome or Firefox).

Steps for End Client resolution:

  • Search for the company in question, and review their contact's profile.
  • Repeat the steps as above. It may also depend on your particular integration.
    • Please review the support articles on how to give a client access.
    • It may be possible to set the password directly for the customer.