What is a locked Payment Method, and how do I resolve this?

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Locked Payment Method Help

If you or a client is reporting a Payment Method on file as being "Locked", this was triggered to prevent further usage of the card. This exists to stay in compliance with the Credit Card providers rules and regulations around repeated attempts against a card that returns a failure.  

Indication on a specific card on file:

Special attention is now required to resolve this, in order to use the credit card again. 


The Locking action is a result of two possible scenarios:

  • 15 consecutive failed transaction attempts using the card
  • A critical transaction failure, resulting in an error code that immediately prohibits from attempting again

To find out which of the two scenarios is the root cause, use the built in transaction reports inside of ConnectBooster, or view the Transaction History on the organization's profile overview page.

If further detailed investigation is necessary, please utilize the BNG Gateway Transaction Reports to find the last attempt using the credit card in question.

Login to the BNG Gateway.

Navigate to Transaction Reports + Reports.

Enter the last 4 digits of the card in question to see transactions only related to the card.

Select the "ID" to view the details, and note the response error on the bottom half.

View the Error response on the bottom of the transaction.

Resolution - How to "Unlock"

In the event a card becomes "locked", to unlock, click the RED PADLOCK and confirm the confirmation presented. 

NOTE: Ensure you have confirmed with the card holder that the underlying issue with their card has been resolved with their bank before unlocking and allowing another attempt against it. Failure to do so could result in further failed attempts which may lead to merchant account issues with the credit card processors. 

Report of All locked Credit Cards:

To find a list of all Credit Cards in the "Locked" status, navigate via Reports + Expiring and Locked Credit Cards.

Please use this report as reference, and resolve by going to the organization directly, then following the same resolution indicated above.