Zomentum Setup

Zomentum Setup

This document is broken down into 3 parts, which should take less than 10 minutes. 

Once complete, you will be able to utilize Zomentum with the same BNG Gateway/ConnectBooster back-end you are already using today.

One of the major benefits to this allows your clients to pay directly from their Document acceptance page!

Note: Today, only Credit Cards are an accepted form of payment through Zomentum via the BNG Gateway. ACH/Bank account support is on the roadmap with the Zomentum team.

Part 1: Creating A New BNG Gateway User

While creating a new BNG Gateway User is not 100% required, we highly recommend doing so. Creating a dedicated BNG Gateway user account for any new integration gives greater flexibility with reconciliation reports, and email notifications. This step is covered below.

Part 2: Creating a Private Security Key.

To start Part 1 & 2, visit and finish this supporting article before proceeding to Part 3.

Part 3:  Zomentum Configuration Steps

Navigate to Settings + Integrations.

Scroll down the list to Payment Gateways, and select Connect for "ConnectBooster".

Paste in the "Private Key" from Part 2

Select "Connect" to commit the changes. 

You should see success message confirming the integration has been completed.

Additional Options

Please reference Zomentum's support article for additional configuration. You can find their article regarding the setup here:

Take note of the "Default Payment" option, under the Preferences section. 

This can be found under Settings + My Preferences.

On an individual document, take note of the "Payments" option, which dictates what amount your client will be able to pay, or if payment is optional.

If you are having difficulty with the integration, we suggest to first contact Zomentum support at [email protected]

Client Facing side:

From the client's perspective, selecting "Pay and Approve" displays the payment method form.

Credit Card:


Note: transactions made will need to be manually received within your accounting system. This process does not change today.

Workflow Diagram: