How do I issue a refund?

Refunds are usually issued through the BNG Gateway.

  • This may differ depending on your particular processing integration

Log in at


Find the transaction using the Trans Reports + Reports feature on the left hand side menu. Use the "Search Transactions" Report set of criteria.

  • We like to use criteria for the Amount Range, and Start/End Date for simplicity!

Click on the "Transaction ID" link to access the details page. Once on the details page, select and confirm "Refund" from the top left corner.

  • If you have the option to "VOID", that is usually preferred as it stops the transaction from fully committing!
  • You will have the option to send an E-Mail Receipt

With this complete you will need to manually update QuickBooks and zero out or delete the original payment receipt created by ConnectBooster. Doing so will re-open the invoice and allow it to be paid again at a later date!

NOTE: If the invoice was inadvertently paid by the Auto-pay, it will be again if you do not turn off the auto-pay on the affected client’s CB portal settings.