Setting up Xero Integration


Login to your ConnectBooster portal.
  • Under the top left three bar menu , navigate to Settings + Integrations.

New Integration

Please contact support for inquiries about creating NEW integrations or CONVERTING current platforms, as this needs to be done internally.

Online Authentication

Click the "Online Authentication" button.
  • This will open a new browser tab, prompting you to login to your Xero account.

Authorize Permissions

4. Login to Xero
  • Authorize the permissions, and "Save" your changes.

Test Connection

Use "Test Connection" to make sure the integration is properly configured.
 Note: "Sync Now" will kick off a sync, otherwise within the hour the synchronization will automatically happen

Congratulations !! You are now finished with setting up Xero as your accounting package! 

Re-Authorization (Handling Disconnections and Reconnections)
If your syncs are failing due to an authentication issue you can re-authorize your Xero Integration by repeating the steps above.