LoginWithToken Command - Custom Integration

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LoginWithToken Command

Use this command to allow another application to authenticate a ConnectBooster user and login into the ConnectBooster portal without having to enter credentials. 


Contact ConnectBooster Support for a Custom Integration using the LoginWithToken Command.

1. Add Command "LoginWithToken"

2. Select Post or Get for the Method type.  Modify the URL to the address of the application authentication service.  Select Save.


A onetime use token that we’ll post back to your server to validate the token.

This would be in used in conjunction with the above Custom Integration “LoginWithToken” command. This method builds an HTTP request to send the authToken to your servers. You can then respond with a JSON Response string containing either the ContactId (from ConnectWise) or the ContactEmail and that user will be automatically logged in.

The Custom Integration "LoginWithToken" ability can also be combined with a portal iframe.