Email Delivery Options

Custom "FROM" address

Setting the "FROM" Email address in the portal will change the appearance of the email address displayed in your customer's email client (inbox). 


  • Utilize our email server
  • Improved recognition for clients
  • Minimal setup effort
  • Handle high volume requests (important for other cool features!)
  • Easily turn on Email Tracking

To set this, navigate to Settings + Configurations + Client Emails.

From Address

The "FROM" will also be the "Reply-To" address.

  • If a "FROM" address is not set, the address will default to "[email protected]"
    • The "Reply-To" has fall-back logic (if no FROM is set) to use "Email" field under Settings + General + Basic Information



To help avoid SPAM issues when we send mail on your behalf (with your custom FROM domain), adding an SPF record with your DNS provider may help!

Our system back-end utilizes the popular mail delivery platform "SendGrid". 

A link how the SPF record for SendGrid should look can be found here:

For a full list of email best practices on deliverability, please see this article:


Full Custom SMTP settings

**Please contact [email protected] if you need the option to enter SMTP credentials.**

SMTP Settings

If needed, you can have our system hand-off the emails to your email server. You will need to verify if your email server is properly sending mail.

  • Enter Host Name
  • Enter Port #
  • Enter Username/Password if applicable
  • Enter From Address (For Office 365 users, it should be a dedicated inbox/licensed user type account)
  • Save the changes
  • Note: our system IP address may change at any point, and may not be a reliable method to allow traffic.

Send Test Email

  • Enter the email address to send a test email to.
    • The date of the last test email will be listed on this page along with any errors encountered.
      • Please note, the send may not be immediate and you may need refresh or revisit the page after a few minutes.
  • If you don't receive a test email, you may need to consult your mail server logs/vendor documentation.