Login History Report

Login History Report

To see what customer login activity has been done with your ConnectBooster portal, navigate to the 3 bar menu in the top left corner + Reports.

Select the "Login History" option.

This report is by DOWNLOAD only. Selecting the Download button will export to a CSV file.

CSV file example:

The CSV will contain the First and Last Name of your customer, the Email, Related Companies, the Login Date, the IP Address, and if the attempt was successful or not.

  • Email is the address used during the login attempt.
  • The "Related Companies" column, indicates that the email address is associated with multiple companies inside of ConnectBooster.

Additional Note:

Login attempts don't necessarily indicate Portal activity. Refer to the Transaction Report, or Autopay Configurations Report for a holistic view of the payments done in the system, or who needs to be enrolled in Automatic payments.