GreatAmerica Payments

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The GreatAmerica Payments page allows users to create and submit an invoice for the corresponding payment to your accounting integration for payments paid through GreatAmerica. The page can be accessed from the left-hand three bar menu, or on the Overview page by clicking "Review Now" on the Dashboard alert (appears when payments need to be reconciled).

Payments will be listed with the appropriate action needed to create the invoice. 

If an invoice is created and it is associated with a contract ID, subsequent payments will be assigned the same invoice as long as the payment amounts match.  If a payment has a vendor invoice number, that existing invoice will be used to apply the payment.

Filter - Allows the ability to filter the list by status, payment date, company, payment ID and payment amount. Deleting the text in the field resets the filter to the full list. 

Date Range Filter - The date range for the resolved payments. All unresolved payments will be listed. 

Payment Status - see the table below for explanations of the various statuses

Date - Date payment was submitted. 

Company - The company that the payment was made to

Payment ID - The payment ID or charge ID for the payment

Payment Amount - Amount of the payment


  • View Invoice - View the details of the invoice
  • Edit Invoice - Edit the invoice so that the payment amount and invoice amount match, allowing it to be submitted to the accounting integration
  • Dismiss - Dismisses the payment from needing further action.  No invoice or payment will be submitted to accounting integration
  • Cancel Sync - Prevents an invoice from being submitted to the accounting product
  • Undo Dismiss -  Moves the payment back to an Incomplete or Pending Invoice state

Payment StatusDescriptionResolved?Steps to Resolve
CompleteThe payment has successfully synced to the primary accounting provider.Yes
Pending SyncThe payment is flagged to sync to the accounting provider. The payment will move to Complete status when successfully synced.NoNo user action required. The payment will resolve after a successful accounting provider sync and move to Complete. The sync can be canceled and will reset the status to Incomplete.
IncompleteThe payment requires an invoice matching the payment amount. To resolve, an invoice must be created and submitted to sync with the accounting provider.NoThe customer will need to edit the invoice, matching the item total to the payment total. Once this is complete, the payment can be submitted. Submitting the payment will flag both the invoice and payment to sync to the primary accounting provider. The status is then moved to Pending Sync. Incomplete payments can also be Dismissed if the customer has no intention of resolving.
DismissedThe payment has been ignored.Yes
Pending Invoice
The payment has a vendor invoice but has not synced with the accounting provider.NoNo user action required. The payment will resolve after a successful accounting provider sync and move to Complete. This status can be moved to Dismissed Pending Invoice.
Dismissed Pending InvoiceA payment with a pending invoice that has been ignored.Yes
ReturnThe payment is a return with a negative dollar amount.NoReturns can only be dismissed and moved to Dismissed Return. The customer is responsible for resolving these payments in their accounting package.
Dismissed ReturnA return that has been ignored.Yes