What are these charges to my checking account?

Monthly Fees

ConnectBooster billing is split between ConnectBooster software, Payment Gateway Virtual Terminal, and the merchant processing fees. Since these are separate services, they get billed separately – it just so happens ConnectBooster facilitates all of them. Here is a list of charges you may expect to see in your bank account which relate to ConnectBooster:

  • ConnectBooster

  • Gateway

  • Credit Card Processing

  • ACH Processing


This is the Monthly SaaS charge for the CB portal, shown as "CBI" on your bank statement. You should receive an emailed invoice each month from ConnectBooster, and you can see your invoices at any time by visiting our own ConnectBooster Portal. If you cannot log in, simply click "Request Access" and our accounting team will get you set up.

ConnectBooster billing starts on the Install date and for the first month is pro-rated.

Gateway Fee

BNG Gateway Fee

BNG Gateway Fees are shown as "Gateway Services" or "Gateway Services Web Payment" on bank statement. To view BNG Gateway billing, log into the BNG Gateway, click on ‘Options’ and ‘Settings’ and then ‘Billing Statement’. From there, you can click on the invoice number to pull up the invoice detail.

Bambora Gateway Fee

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Credit Card Processing


Clearent statements are available on Clearent Compass, and fees are debited the first week of every month. In June, for example, you will see a debit between June 1st-7th from “Clearent LLC” for the May credit card processing fees. Clearent does not have an exact day they release their invoices, but tries to release before the fees are debited.


EPX invoices are available online the first week of the month in Payments Hub. Your bank account will be debited fees the last business day of each month, and the debit descriptor in bank account will read “MERCH FEES [your merchant ID number] CCD”

With EPX, you can opt in to receive paper statements as well for $1/month. Simply email [email protected] and we would be happy to set that up for you.


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ACH Processing


Paya’s processing fees are rolled into your BNG Gateway fees. You can see the per-transaction charges on your monthly BNG Gateway billing statement. For transactions over $25,000, you will see debits to your bank account from BUSINESS TO BUSINESS ACH ACH SETTLEMENT ELEC FEE the day of or day after that transaction runs. This is the premium discount fee (0.15%) for larger transactions.


Payliance emails a monthly invoice to the address you set as your primary contact. Monthly fees are taken out around the 16th of every month, the descriptor will say "PAYLIANCE".


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If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to ConnectBooster support at [email protected] or 877-733-6584.