How can I better secure my accounts?

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Best Practices for Securing Your Accounts with ConnectBooster

ConnectBooster Portal

Your ConnectBooster portal has Two Factor authentication options for both your internal team and organizations. 2FA is an excellent way to add additional security that requires a secondary code to be entered (delivered via authentication app or SMS text) upon login. 

More information on how to activate either of these options can be found within the articles below.


  • Never use default/vendor supplied passwords
  • Length = Strength
  • Do not re-use old passwords
  • Change periodically 
  • Consider utilizing a password management service

BNG Gateway Integration

2FA - Activating this function for all of your BNG Gateway users adds a further defense against any malicious actors which may obtain a user’s password and helps prevent account compromise.

I Spy Fraud - Is a paid service which allows you to define specific rules which may limit transaction attempts based on a number of properties such as, originating IP address, attempts per time window, amount, and more. 

Good Business Practices with Quoting Tools (Sell, Quoter, QuoteWerks)

When taking orders from a first time buyer via a quote, your team is the first line of defense in sniffing out any malicious activity. Training your team on how to spot red flags and/or odd buying behaviors by a purchaser is the best way to protect your business against fraudulent schemes. Below are a couple of ideas to consider when determining the best options for your team and business. 

  • First time purchase policies - Ensuring important questions about the new organization are asked, answered fully, and documented prior to giving them the opportunity to purchase a product. Such as, How did you find our business? Were you referred by one of our existing clients and who? These policies should include limits on the quantity or dollar amount a first time client can purchase using ACH or Credit Cards. For example, any first time purchase in excess of $2500 must be completed via direct wire transfer.

  • Reviewal procedures/Shipping address restrictions - Any purchase above a defined threshold of either quantity or amount, should trigger a required review. There should be no easy way to skip this review, it should be completed by someone other than the team member who facilitated the sale, and the review should include a checklist of items to make sure it doesn’t have any other red flags beyond the quantity or amount which triggered the review. These additional red flags may include: First time purchase, Shipping address far from address of payment used, Expedited/Overnight shipping, Uncommonly short window from first contact to date of purchase.