Viewing Invoices

The summary of an invoice can be viewed from multiple areas including Invoice History, Open Invoices, AutoPay Approval, and among other places. Details on an invoice summary include:

  • Due Date
  • Total
  • Open Balance
  • Purchase Order #
  • Transaction Date
  • Invoice attributes including if the invoice is pending payment, has a scheduled payment, or meets criteria for an AutoPay rule
  • A summary of payments applied to the invoice
  • A description of matching AutoPay rules

Actions available on an invoice summary include:

  • Pay (shown when there is a remaining balance on the invoice)
  • View - Shows a rendering of the invoice based on the Invoice Image Data setting in the Billing configuration
  • Email Invoice (tenant administrators) - An invoice notification will be sent to the company's Default Contacts. This email uses the Invoice Notification template found in the Customer Emails configuration.
  • View Email History (tenant administrators) - View all email history associated to the invoice -- Invoice Notifications, Account Summary, etc.
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