Transaction History

New or old transactions processed with this customer are displayed:

  • Our system will show payments made outside of the portal, such as a manually entered paper check.
  • The history is partly determined by the "Sync From Date", and how much data we have pulled in from your accounting software. Some items may be missing.

The green check-mark denotes the payment was initially accepted by the processing back-end.

  • This does NOT necessarily guarantee you already have or will receive the funds!
    • In the scenario of an ACH payment, the E-Check could still bounce on the client's end.

The "Hour Glass" icon means the payment is in "Pending" status.

  • This usually indicates the payment simply has not reconciled back to your accounting software yet, and has not applied to the open invoice(s). You may need to run a sync in order to do this!
    • The client will still see the invoice marked as paid in this scenario.

Clicking on the Transaction number will display more details.

  • In the above example, we can see the invoice # (CB6372) that our $5 payment was applied to.