Setting the Primary Accounting Package

  • Selecting the primary Accounting package integration with the first drop-down list will determine the data displayed in the portal.

  • Specify the "Accounts Receivable" ledger
    • This is the account your open A/R resides under
  • Specify the "Undeposited Funds" ledger
    • This is a holding area where we reconcile ConnectBooster made payments
      • Once you see the money deposit into your bank account, you can fully "Make the deposit"

  • Option to hide "Zero Dollar Invoices
    • (Usually time tracking/non-billable invoices)

Show Child Companies

  • Check this option if your organizational structure does a lot of "Parent - Child" type billing. Turning this on will display on the the company name, in addition to the invoice number on the customers "open invoice screen".
    • Not needed if your agreements "roll-up" bill a single client, and that client doesn't need to know the origin.