Common Xero Questions

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Q: How do I transfer my payments from ConnectBooster into Xero?

  • A: All payments made in the billing portal will automatically transfer, and apply directly to the respective invoice(s) in Xero.

Q: How often does ConnectBooster sync with Xero?

  • A: Syncing will occur once every 60 minutes.

Q: Am I able to sync more often than 60 minutes?

  • If you want data to show immediately in the portal after creating or adjusting invoices/companies/etc. , you may click "Sync Now" under Integrations.

Q: How can I remove access from ConnectBooster to my Xero subscription?

  • A: You may de-authorize the connection to Xero at any time.
NOTE - This is not advised unless speaking to a support team member first. Failure to do so may result in data complications if payments are made.