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This is where you set your customer portal color theme, changing it's look & feel. You can supply custom color HEX codes and several logo choices to help organizations recognize your brand.


  • You can set a primary and secondary color here. The inputs both accept a hex color value. We recommend colors that are well saturated and darker than #cccccc as white text and logos are placed in areas where these colors are used as a background. These colors may also be used in text on white backgrounds. 

Colored Logo

  • This is the primary logo when the background is not colored (set to white).

White Logo

  • This logo doesn’t need to be white, but it is recommended. This logo is placed anywhere a logo is used with a colored background. The preview of this option is placed on your currently selected primary color.

Colored Icon / White Icon

  • These follow the above rules, except on specific smaller screen sizes. Both are completely optional as they will fallback to the like version of your full logo.


  • Setting a Favicon within the branding section will further help to brand your portal by displaying it within your browser tab.