ConnectBooster Release 5/31/2023

May 31st, 2023

The following is a comprehensive list of all updates released on the date above.


  • Added ConnectBooster Support contact to help menu
  • Updated compliance verbiage in ConnectBooster to comply with NACHA requirements
  • Updated the Paya ACH processor option to include the Nuvei brand.


  • Changed the AutoPay error indicator from grey to red.
  • Resolved an issue a watermark appeared when sending an Electronic Direct Debit Request in some regions.
  • Resolved an issue where the checkbox disappeared to enable Desk Director
  • Resolved an issue where an HTML inbox showed a PDF icon instead of an HTML icon
  • Resolved an issue where adding a payment method in some gateways showed an error message.
  • Resolved an issue where receipts did not show the amount paid per invoice.
  • Resolved an issue where PayNow did not work with some gateways.
  • Resolved other behind the scenes bugs.
  • Security updates.


  • None