Microsoft Dynamics Business Central Setup Guide


ConnectBooster & Microsoft Dynamics Business Central Setup


Use this guide for configuring ConnectBooster to synchronize with Dynamics 365 Business Central. This guide includes step-by-step instructions for installing the required Extension.


To help ensure smooth integration, the below should be verified before starting.

  • Logged in to Business Central with Full Admin access.
  • You have means to create a "Web Service User" in Business Central.
  • Admin level access on your ConnectBooster "Internal User"  account.

Extension Installation

The ConnectBooster Extension must be manually downloaded,  and uploaded following the installation steps below.

Navigate to Setup & Extensions -> Extensions

Navigate to Manage -> "Upload Extension"

DOWNLOAD the ConnectBooster .app file:

Upload And Deploy the Extension

1. Select the newly downloaded ConnectBooster .APP file.

2. Select current  version for deployment.

3. Accept the extension Disclaimer

4. Deploy

Configuring Business Central

Create a new Web Services User.

1. Navigate to Users

2. Create "New" User

3. Enroll the new User with a User Group permission or Permission Set that has full admin access.

WARNING: Using Permission Sets with less than admin type credentials may cause failure points with the integration. ConnectBooster has been tested with Full administrator rights.

ConnectBooster Setup

Next, within your ConnectBooster portal, navigate to Settings + Configuration + Integrations.

Select the Business Central Integration Card:

Note: if this integration does not exist for you, please contact [email protected] to have this added to your portal.

Enter in the credentials

1. Web Services Username

2. Web Services Password

3. Your Business Central Endpoint URL

4. Your Company ID

Next, validate the credentials via "Test Connection".

Once you see the successful confirmation toast, you should be all set! Congratulations!! 

A sync will begin within the hour, otherwise you may immediately initialize via "Sync Now".

If you encounter issues, please don't hesitate to Contact Support.